Some of my earliest memories take place in the basement of my grandfather’s farmhouse learning to design and build intricate wooden projects. Learning from a man who’s only formal training in woodworking took place 50 years before I was born gave me a respect for classical techniques and hand tools. Nearly 20 years later, I have adopted modern techniques and training, but the basic joinery skills I learned in that farmhouse basement, continue to set me apart from the run-of-the-mill production woodworker.



I specialize in high-end projects and enjoy working for clients with high quality standards. Difficult projects excite me as they allow me to think creatively and showcase the skills I have worked so hard to develop. I don’t believe in in taking shortcuts or sacrificing aesthetics/functionality to save time. You might be able to find someone who will complete your project for a little less money, or a day or two faster, but you won’t find anyone who stands behind their work the way I do.


My Projects

Custom Furniture

Rather than spend an eternity looking for the right piece of furniture to suit the space, have a custom piece made with a story attached.


Quality millwork installation should be seamless and built to last. All our millwork joins are glued, sanded and primed before painting, because the truest sign of good craftsmanship is not being able to find our work.


There are no shortage of hardwood flooring installers out there. There is however a shortage of quality driven professionals who spend the appropriate amount of time and resources in layout, site preparation and flooring transitions. We guarantee quality installations with seamless flooring transitions, airtight joins and the appropriate care to ensure satisfaction in your flooring investment.


One of the main selling features of an older home is the character that was built into the home. Unfortunately, many times when renovating older homes much of this character is lost in the dumpster. We are experienced in restoring flooring, windows and millwork in older homes. Rather than creating waste and changing the look of your home, consider restoring it to its former glory.